TGG Expands Asian Gaming Market Share with Korea KTC Approval

(Hong Kong) TGG Takara Gaming Group, the pioneer in gaming platform technology is proud to announce the Korea KTC Approval and signed gaming machine operation agreement with Futro Group at Majestar Casino, the biggest Korean casino in Jeju Island.

This latest venture opened up the market for TGG and its game manufacturers to participate in the highly regulated Asian gaming market.  The partnership is also expanding the brand recognition in the region and enhancing the international profiles as the game platform leaders in the Gaming industry.

The CEO of TGG said, “Korea is a fundamental marketplace for the Asia Gaming and to see our product deploying there in the second half of 2017, is such a great obligation of the contribution we have committed as one of the vital components of our engagement to a market-led strategic management.”

Majestar Casino is located in Jeju Island which is a place that chosen as one of the new 7 wonders of Nature in Korea. Running as the biggest Casino in Jeju Island, the casino is having 3089 square metre large and contains dynamic games such as baccarat, blackjack, roulette games and slot machines; with such a competitive advantage in the market, it’s undoubtable that TGG will further enlarge its footprint into the Korea land-based gaming market in the future.

TGG is the creator of HIRO, the industry’s first open source Linux platform design primarily for electronic gaming machines.  Casino operators, game designers, and manufacturers can build games using TGG’s GLI-11 certified open platform with a distribution network in over 10 countries and gaming jurisdictions worldwide.


Strength of TGG Gaming Platform acknowledged with Deployment in Singapore

Singapore – TGG Takara Gaming Group, the leader in platform technology for gaming content, today announced it has gone live with casino content on the highly regulated Singapore Slot Club markets.

TGG CEO said, “Singapore is a key marketplace for Asia Gaming and to see our product deploying here this month, is a recognition of the investment we have made as part of our commitment to a market led strategy.”

Singapore Slot Clubs have been around for decades. There are around 70 clubs in the country operating a total of around 1,700 gaming machines regulated by the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS).  100% of the clubs’ profits are ploughed back into the Singapore local community.

TGG products are now deployed in two Singapore country clubs.  Initial TGG Gaming launch titles include classics such as 3-Kingdom, and will soon be supplemented by recent high performers such as Japanese Monster and the Chinese-Favours Rolling Gold.

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Hong Kong’s TGG Ventures Into Japan’s $40 Billion Gaming Market, Joining Forces with Leading Tokyo Gaming Studio

Tokyo – TGG, the Hong Kong-based gaming technology company, has further strengthened its market position in Japan through a recent partnership agreement with leading Japan-based pachinko gaming studio – Prime Works, in Tokyo and Osaka.

“TGG’s commitment to fostering innovation in electronic casino gaming has been significantly strengthened by teaming up with our very first partner from Japan and a 10-year Japan Gaming Veteran in the pachinko gaming creation sector,” said TGG.’s CEO.  “The quality of Japanese game creations and the added capabilities they offer will enable TGG to more effectively meet the needs of the casino gaming industry at large.”

Prime Works is the first Japan-based gaming studio to have recently joined the HIRO platform, a turnkey solution developed by TGG to create an open gaming marketplace that connects game developers and the lucrative global casino gaming markets.  Since 2008 Prime Works has been a leading pachinko design company in Japan with game studios in Tokyo and Osaka.  In partnership with TGG, Prime Works’ game designers will team up with TGG’s engineers to bring the very best Japanese gaming creations to the global, real-money gaming market on the HIRO platform, and release them along the TGG global casino distribution network.

With the recent announcement concerning the legalising of casinos by Japan’s parliament, the Japanese casino gaming market offers enormous future potential.  Investment bank CLSA estimates that Japan could emerge as a $40 billion a year gaming market, almost 2x larger than Macau at $27.1 billion and 6x of the Las Vegas Strip at $6.3 billion.

Since 2008 Prime Works has been a leading pachinko design company in Japan with game studios in Tokyo and Osaka. In partnership with TGG, Prime Works’ game designers will team up with TGG’s engineers to bring the very best Japanese gaming creations to the global, real-money gaming market on the HIRO platform, and release them along the TGG distribution network.

Via the HIRO API, specifically designed for electronic gaming, Japan game developers can now focus their attentions fully on content development. At the same time they can also enjoy reduced certification periods and fewer distribution barriers of the highly regulated casino gaming markets worldwide, which will soon include Japan in the near future.



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TGG Hits the GDC San Francisco with 27,000 Global Attendees, Bridging the Gap Between Game Studios & Gaming Players

San Francisco – The 31st annual Game Developers Conference® (GDC) is taking place next week in San Francisco.  TGG, a pioneer in open platform for real-money gaming, is proud to be the exhibitor alongside with the gigantic global game creators including Playstation, Tencent, SEGA, Nintendo and 27,000 attendees from around the world for learning, inspiration and networking.

TGG will address the future of real money gaming and how to bridge the gap between the game studios and the new players segment, who are going to be the trendsetter for the new economy, by application of technologies like AR (Augmented Reality) and AI (Artificial Intelligence), which could be forecasted in the new trend of casino gaming.

“We’re proud to present TGG’s pioneering open gaming platform, HIRO, to GDC visitors & media. Given that the real money gaming industry is a cash cow generating hundreds of billions revenue per day in a regulated environment, it is at the same time set with high entry barrier for new comers. HIRO is a fresh approach to foster innovation for the casino gaming industry, giving developers and gaming operators significant freedom and flexibility to bring to market new products that meet global regulation requirements faster and at a lower cost,” said CEO of TGG Interactive.

Added he, “the situation is the same for both gaming and game industries. The focus is shifting to the Millennium who is going to be the trendsetter for the new economy. Application of technologies like AR could be forecasted in the new trend of casino gaming. Innovation is in high demand to create a new trend of gaming fun.”

TGG is bringing an open gaming platform HIRO to the market, a turnkey solution that allows developers and game studios to bring their creativity to the gaming industry, in one single creation and the developers can access both the Land-based and Internet Gaming markets, not to mention the company’s future development in the social platform combining Land-based and Internet together, which will create a new ecosystem to stay connected with players 24/7.  The new ecosystem is bringing in new waves of opportunities that you can imagine.


TGG Extends Its Gaming Network in Serbia with Balkan Bet

TGG Takara Gaming Group, the world’s pioneer in open platform Gaming Entertainment has proudly announced its strategic partnership with Balkan Bet in Serbia.

Under the strategic partnership agreement, TGG will further aggregate its landbased and internet gaming products together with a vast variety of games to Balkan Bet, be providing the Serbian gaming market an incomparable gaming experience on the gaming floor.

Balkan Bet is a major bookmaker with over 115 betshops throughout Serbia’s premium locations since 1990 and is also an online gaming operator in Serbia as well as the Eastern European market. Balkan Bet was the first to enter the Bulgarian market where 75% of its player base is now established.

CEO of TGG said, “we’re delighted to provide an exciting gaming concept to the Serbian gaming market with the great support from Balkan Bet. Such strategic partnership allows TGG to bring in bold ideas to maximize the gaming excitement to the next level in Serbia, and opening up the Eastern European market for TGG in the future.”

TGG and Elite Gaming Operators Partner to Maximize Gaming Innovation in Mexico

Mexico – TGG Interactive, the world’s first open platform Interactive & Gaming Entertainment company has proudly announced its strategic partnership with Elite Gaming Operators in Mexico.

Under the strategic partnership agreement, TGG will further aggregate its landbased gaming products with Elite Gaming Operators while Foliatti Guadalupe Casino is the main interface of such partnership, and the first deployment has been a great success since this summer at the Foliatti Guadalupe Casino, which is located in Monterrey, the largest city of the northeastern state of Mexico.

According to Miguel Angel Ochoa, the president of the Mexican Gaming Association, the casino boom in Mexico will continue for years and will double its size before the end of 2018. “TGG sees the opportunity and we are excited to extend our business network to the Central America with such kind of strategic partnership,” said CEO of TGG. He continued, “Elite Gaming Operators is a highly respected company with a complete network of the casino operation and having a great flow of traffic. We are delighted to have such opportunity to bring in exciting gaming concepts to the market with Foliatti Guadalupe Casino in Mexico and the rest of Central America.”

The recent partnership of TGG and Elite Gaming Operators demonstrates the optimism of both parties towards the industry. It is also a great honor for TGG to cater the needs of the Mexicans through the support of the local strategic partnership with Foliatti.

TGG Interactive Kick-off Participation in PGS 2016

Hong Kong – TGG Interactive proudly participated for the first time at the PGS 2016, Peru’s largest gaming entertainment exhibition at Centro de Exposiciones Jockey in Lima from 15th to 16th of June 2016.

TGG is the 1st Interactive Entertainment Company from Asia with a strategic focus on combining the fun of interactive entertainment with the real money casino gaming experience. With the strategic partnership with Stark’s Industries in Peru, TGG is in a solid position to maximize its presence in the country.

CEO of TGG, said, “A strategic partnership with Stark’s Industries will give TGG a foundation to expand in the emerging market of Peru, which will further lead to the demand for innovation of products and operations in the gaming industry,” he continued, “we had a great success presenting our vision at the Colombia FADJA show in April. Now, we’re very excited to showcase our “Fair Lady” dual-screen slot machine for the 1st time at PGS in Lima! TGG is taking our first steps in South America with a serious and continuous commitment.”

TGG displayed its latest land-based model “Fair Lady” in PGS 2016 and has already amazed the Peruvian market by offering the players an immersive experience with its modern design.

TGG Takara Gaming Group Kick-off Participation in G2E Asia

Macau – TGG Takara Gaming Group will proudly participate for the first time in its homeland at the Global Gaming Expo Asia (G2E Asia), Asia’s largest gaming entertainment exhibition at Venetians Macao this month from 17th to 19th of May 2016.

TGG Takara Gaming Group is the first Interactive Entertainment company in Asia with a 3-in-1 “Landbased iGaming & Social-Media” cross-channel gaming platform; designed with a strategic focus on bringing together game producers and players into interactions to encourage innovation, unlocking the fun of gaming in the new generation wherever located, via whatever devices.

“The ability to create and leverage a strategic focus platform gives an advantage over competitors in every industry. Microsoft Windows in the 90s, Apple’s APPs and the iTunes store over the last decade, Uber and AirBnB in more recent years are examples of the fastest and most disruptive companies in their industry leveraging the network effect of a platform, at the same time bringing valuable creativity to the market and generating revenue growth,” said Ernie Suek, chairman of Neway Entertainment Group and co-founder of TGG, “TGG is working towards the same direction in the gaming industry, creating a competitive advantage by networking a vast 200+ gaming titles library on its 3-in-1 “Landbased iGaming & Social-Media” cross-channel platform, transforming the gaming products in a thriving ecosystem.”

TGG’s 3-in-1 “Landbased iGaming & Social-Media” cross-channel platform is a masterpiece built upon the GLI-11 and GLI-19 gaming standards which are recognized by 475 gaming jurisdictions, making it ready for both commercial and government gaming operations in most Landbase and iGaming jurisdictions globally.

“Our strategic focus is to create a foundation leading to the demand for innovation of products and operations in the gaming industry,” said CEO of TGG, “We had a great success presenting our platform and vision at the Colombia FADJA show last month in South America. Now, we’re very excited to participate for the 1st time in G2E Asia at our homeland!”

He will also be one of the speakers of the iGaming Tech Talk Forum, which is newly introduced on the show floor where iGaming companies present and share ideas. It reflects the growing importance of interactive, mobile and social gaming worldwide. He will share the theory behind creating the 3-in-1 cross-channel platforms and how it will lead to the demand for innovation and variety.

Visit TGG : Booth 926, Global Gaming Expo Asia (G2E Asia), The Venetian Macao


TGG Kick-off Participation in Colombia at the FADJA 2016

Bogota, Colombia – TGG proudly presented the 2nd generation Linux-based Open Gaming Platform (OGP) at the FADJA 2016, Colombia’s largest gaming trade show at Bogota from 13th to 14th of April 2016, for manufacturers, distributors, national and international operators from the Gaming Industry.

CEO and co-founder of TGG, said, “to participate in FADJA, one of the most important trade show of the gaming industry in the Andean region, will give TGG a solid foundation to establish its network and business in the emerging market of South America.” He continues, “ we’re here to present for our South America partners and game developers, to show them our ability to bring the best of the gaming product to the South American market and hope to spread the fun of gaming to the region.”

 TGG is a global gaming entertainment company with a strategic focus on combining the fun of interactive entertainment with the real money land-based and internet gaming experience with its world 1st Open Gaming Platform built upon the GLI-11 gaming standard to ensure the gaming excitement is in the highest levels of integrity.


TGG and Genesis Gaming Announce Strategic Partnership – First Partnership in Industry to Offer a true Open Platform for Global Land-based Gaming Markets

Vancouver, Canada – TGG Takara Gaming Group, the world’s pioneer in open platform Gaming Entertainment are pleased to announce to sign a memorandum of understanding with Genesis Gaming to deliver world class video slot games to landbased casino operators, a partnership that promises the industry’s first open gaming platform for both landbased and internet gaming channels – an approach that offers greater selection and operation efficiency for casino operators.

To this partnership, TGG is bringing its industry first GLI-11 standard open gaming platform and its casino management system integration to offer Genesis Gaming a rapid, scalable delivery channel to offer premium electronic gaming products for casino operators worldwide. Genesis Gaming is a key supplier of slot content to the most prominent manufacturers and operators in the casino gaming industry including IGT, Novomatic, and Microgaming with its reputation on experience and performance.

“We are very excited to work with the well renowned GENESIS team.  Opening up our platform was a natural development for us and together we can offer diversify electronic gaming products for the challenging casino market,” said CEO of TGG Takara Gaming Group.