According to the Statement of Claim in HCA 611/2019, allegations of serious breaches of fiduciary and employee duties were levelled against Raymond Chan. These include inter alia, establishing business which directly competes with the TGG and its associated companies, procuring staff of TGG and utilizing resources of TGG for his own benefit and the benefit of his own competing business, and stealing away technologies developed by TGG for the benefit of his own business. Sora believes that it is in its best interest to relinquish further collaboration with Raymond Chan (the CEO of AlphaSlot) and any of his managerial role in AlphaSlot, effective today. Sora decides to continue to work on the block chain and tokenization project in the gaming industry with the project originator, TGG, to protect and maximize the benefits of its shareholders. And TGG agrees to such collaboration believing it is also in the best interest for its shareholders due to the experience and resources Sora can bring into such collaboration. To better capture the potential value of block chain applications and tokenization in the gaming industry and to further strengthen the bond between Sora and TGG, Sora will also invest in Series B of TGG to become its strategic investor.