First Asian Shooting Game “Fish Hunter” to make its Global Debut at Casinò di Venezia

“Fish Hunter”, a new Asian game developed specifically targeting the VIP customer segment and distributed by TGG Takara Gaming Group, is set to make its global debut on the casino floor of the iconic Casinò di Venezia in Venice, Italy. This game is the first of many shooting-style games designed by TGG that combines the best of arcade-style gaming with the excitement of casino wagering features and bonuses.

WechatIMG21TGG staff hosts a tour of TGG’s office for GM Alessandro Cattarossi and other senior leaders from Casinò di Venezia after their visit to G2E Macau 2018.

Fish Hunter allows the player to control a swiveling cannon 180 degrees to shoot colorful fish of all shapes and sizes – the larger the fish killed, the larger the payout! Players also control the rate of shots, the wager per shot and can trigger bonus games. With its interactive and engaging game play, Fish Hunter is the game that players love and casinos have been waiting for.

“We are very excited to be the first casino in the world to offer Fish Hunter on the casino floor, and our customers are sure to love the new style of game play as they shoot their way to riches. I can’twait to see it at Casinò di Venezia during Q3 this year and look forward to further innovations fromTGG.” shared Alessandro Cattarossi, General Manager of Casinò di Venezia.

TGG has a full slate of Asian casino games in the development pipeline that rounds out VIP offerings on the casino floor and helps casinos attract and retain VIP and new gamers.



IAG March Issue: Spreading the word



Recently appointed Chief Operating Officer for open source platform provider Takara Gaming Group, Albert Yu, discusses the company’s plans for expansion through Asia and Europe in 2018.

Inside Asian Gaming: Many people in the industry would know you from your years with Aruze. What attracted you to TGG and how did the opportunity to work with the company come about?

Albert Yu: I’ve known Raymond Chan, the CEO and co-founder, for a while. I always really liked TGG’s business model and how the company is bringing offline content to online and online content to offline utilizing its open-source platform.

We’re developing a lot of new ideas and products that casinos today are just not able to find. Our “Fish Hunter” game is an example of our work with Chinese games – any game you can play on mobile, with our platform you can bring to a land-based casino. It’s a whole new gaming segment TGG is helping to create.

IAG: And you’re also providing an opportunity for game designers to get their ideas out to the market?

AY: Yes. We are a very young company, a start-up basically. We have our in-house developers and programmers, our team, but that is not what we aim to do. We aim to bring in new gaming concepts from developers directly to the casino operators so that we’re just a bridge in between, because that will be the easiest method for everyone.

Operators are very eager to see new products, not just in Macau and Asia but also everywhere around the world. The number of slots players is decreasing and one of the reasons is that the current games are not entertaining. What we wanted to do was provide something new. We feel this will attract both operators and game developers.

These developers might not be in the land-based sector, they might just be into social gaming and they might not know how to get their content into land-based casinos, so TGG can provide that gateway.

IAG: Can you tell us a bit about your role at TGG?

AY: At the moment I’m focusing more on the downstream side of the business which is the casino side because that’s where I have more experience. I’m getting in touch with a lot of the casinos in Asia and Europe. Obviously I have some background in business development in Europe so I have been able to get in touch with a lot of casino operators there to explain our ideas.

Even during the three days we had at ICE this year we were received very well by European operators. Most of them said they’ve never heard of this open-source concept before. They seemed very excited to see our products.

In terms of game development at TGG, it’s very much a team effort. It’s not just me bringing a game to an operator and leaving it there. I will also go and talk to the game developers and make them more engaged either in a joint venture project or a co-development project. That will make them more involved.

We are offering a new strategy on the business development side that will allow them to seize the opportunity. Although they are very mature and educated in regards to mobile platforms they have less knowledge of what is going on in the land-based sector. We will educate them and we will bring them to our meetings with the operators so that they are in synch with how they should develop their products.

IAG: What sort of reaction have you had from operators that you’ve explained TGG’s open-source platform to for the first time?

AY: I’ve only been with the company for two or three months but I have traveled around Asia a little bit prior to ICE – primarily the Philippines, Malaysia and Macau. A lot of casinos have shown interest and we actually have some contracts on the table. In Europe we invited a number of operators to come and see us at ICE to learn what we’re doing face to face. It’s not just meeting with casinos only, I’ve also met with a couple of game developers from Europe who are very interested in bringing their content to land-based, so it’s bit of a chain reaction.

IAG: Where will TGG be focusing its energies in 2018?

AY: This year our focus is Asia – because we are a company from Hong Kong – and Europe. Europe is an area where we plan to expand very rapidly, very quickly and very aggressively. From 2019 onwards the US will be one of the major markets that we’re targeting along with other jurisdictions.

One thing I want to stress is that there are not many manufacturers, in terms of land-based slots, from China or Hong Kong. The big players obviously have a lot of game developers in their teams that are Chinese but there is not one brand that is Chinese-based or is from a Chinese background. We have a genuine interest in heading in that direction.

IAG: You see that as a significant advantage for TGG?

AY: Yeah for sure. Considering the economy of China, the population and the overwhelming interest in gaming, how come there isn’t one company that represents China? There should be one and we’re helping some of them try to become that one.

IAG: What sort of growth do you see TGG achieving in 2018?

AY: Well aside from focusing on Asia and Europe, we’re also just trying to bring our name out more to the market. To a lot of operators, TGG is not yet a household name. Nobody knows what we have done, but through press, through conferences, through exhibitions, through face to face meetings and all of that we have tried to bring more attention to what TGG is doing, how we can help game studios by providing a land-based casino sales channel and how we can help land-based casinos attract more customers. I think this is a very good business model.

IAG: Are people starting to recognize TGG more?

AY: Right now, other than spreading our brand through media, exhibitions and word of mouth, our main markets have been Cambodia, Korea, Singapore and we’re moving into Macau this year. We already have deployment in Mexico and South America. People will start to recognize there are some TGG products out on the casino floors and that will help in terms of floor presence. That will be very important for us, so we will be aggressively deploying our machines in Europe and Asia this year.

IAG: And in terms of Asia, Macau will be an important market long-term?

AY: Macau will be the center of our attention. Obviously the Philippines is on the rise and their casinos are doing well, Singapore is doing well, Malaysia has one IR but it is a dominant one in that sense. Korea has more casinos opening too but at the end of the day Macau is the most important market so we need to have a presence in Macau. It is not an easy market to get into but it will be well worth it for us to explain to the upstream or downstream that we have a presence in Macau.

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澳門特寫 – 專欄


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TGG Takara Gaming Product的行政總裁Raymond Chan每年都會往海外公幹差不多四十八次,與世界各地的合作伙伴及客戶會面。生於香港、長於香港的他,現在依然以這顆東方之珠作為基地。但若果時機成熟的話,他會希望把重心轉移到澳門,讓自己與這個觥籌交錯的世界更多接近。




Raymond Chan曾負笈加拿大,並於滑鐵盧大學取得工程及管理科學學位。之後,他在美國加州矽谷工作長達十年。「我在2007年搬回香港並且進入博彩業。」他說。而TGG也在三年前誕生。

TGG Takara Gaming Product把互動娛樂與賭場博彩經驗相互結合。該公司在包括加拿大、澳洲、荷蘭、意大利、塞爾維亞、秘魯、肯亞、澳門、台灣、韓國、菲律賓及柬埔寨等地都有合作伙伴。Raymond相信澳門由於是亞洲以至世界博彩樞紐的原故,其市場「必然為這個行業中的任何人都十分重要。」雖然博彩收益在過去幾年有所下跌,他卻聚焦於收益正在上升這事上。他說:「我很有信心澳門的前路依然非常光明」


網上賭博在澳門依然是非法的,而且看來也沒有改變的空間,可是Raymond Chan說這不是一個問題,因為TGG「正嘗試為博彩業在內容上帶來天翻地覆的改變,嘗試讓每個人都能進入這個市場,不只是博彩公司。」所以,該公司就正推出「一個開放式平台來應對所有規範及認證」,讓所有遊戲工作室在這平台上開發遊戲。他解釋說:「我們公司其實把自己定位成幫助別人進入市場及為市場帶來創新的推手,這正正是我認為澳門未來將會需要的,一系列不同的產品。」

TGG其中一樣最矚目的產品是三合一「Landbased iGaming & Social-Media」(實體、網上及社交平台) 跨領域遊戲平台。「整體意念其實在於開放市場,在社交和網上的遊戲及實體博彩都能享受到在網上世界及社交平台的好處。」




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TGG confirmed latest major customer for Asian market with Solaire agreement

(Hong Kong) TGG Takara Gaming Group, the world’s first Asian focused game distributor for casino entertainment, has agreed a deal with Solaire Resort & Casino to integrate the successful Philippines casino operator to its Asian VIP and middle-class focused gaming machine on the casino floor.


Solaire is one of the most successful entertainment resort in Manila, the capital city of Philippines. The casino floor in the Manila resort has generated a total of USD 728 million gross gaming revenue in 2016, which is the highest amount since it opened in 2013. In recent years, the casino & gaming sector in the Philippines has been growing rapidly, it is expected that the Philippines casinos will generate gross gaming revenues of USD 6 billion by 2018, which would put the country among the top four in the world.  This again proved the market is in demand for games that can fulfill the entertainment needs of the rapid growing VIP and middle-class visitors from countries around the region.

TGG’s CEO & CO-founder comments “TGG has always been eyeing the potential of the Philippines market and with this agreement, it places TGG in the best position to expand the Asian VIP and the rapid growing Middle-Class market, who spent billions in casinos every year. We are excited to distribute sophisticated Asian Focus entertainment experience for players from game developers around the globe, and embedding state-of-the-art GLI-approved technology towards Solaire’s casino floor through this agreement.”

The successful deployment in the Philippines is expected to enlarge TGG’s Asian VIP and the rising middle class focused entertainment products presence around the region and unlocks the new pathway towards other countries including Macau in the near future.