TGG Co-founder Raymond Chan named “Asia Power 50 – Ones to   Watch” at the 10th Annual Asian Gaming Leaders Ranking

TGG received the award after being recognized by a panel of 50 expert judges in Asia by Inside Asian Gaming for TGG’s forward thinking open-platform technology, offering a Linux based robust game engine for the disruptive innovation gaming product to run on for the land based casino operators worldwide.

Mr. Chan co-founded TGG in 2014 and created the largest open-source casino gaming platform on Earth with one goal in mind – bringing the disruptive design of gaming products to the casino floors by harnessing the global game developers together for this US$ 450 billions industry.  TGG is now having over 17 partners and 200 innovative gaming titles pending to deploy in 10 countries around Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

Raymond Chan, TGG Co-founder, and CEO, “It is an absolute honor to be named “Power 50 – Ones to Watch” in the 10th annual ranking of Asian Gaming Leaders.  It is all about our dedication to the industry since 2014 by building the world’s first open-source platform for disruptive creativities, making innovations possible for hundred of millions visitors enjoying casino entertainment worldwide.  We are looking forward to our 2018 expansion and more innovating gaming design to come soon on our platform.”

All the recipient of the “Asia Power 50” Award has been listed out in the IAG 2017 December in the Macau Edition:

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