Japan Ingenuity – a TGG Story by Inside Asia Gaming

Macau – Inside Asian Gaming speaks to TGG Interactive co-founder Raymond Chan about the incredible potential Japan offers in regards to creativity and innovation for the gaming industry – By Ben Blaschke
For Hong Kong gaming technology company TGG Interactive, the opportunities Japan opens up for the gaming industry as a whole extend well beyond casino walls with the nation’s proud history of technological innovation and recreational game production ripe for the picking. “Most people, when they talk about Japan, focus on the casinos that are potentially going to open and the fact that it is going to be a huge market.” says TGG CEO and co-founder Raymond Chan in an exclusive interview with Inside Asian Gaming. “But from our point of view, the most important thing is that because Japan is such a huge market, it attracts a lot of innovation and a lot of talent from different companies. This creates a golden opportunity to find talent in Japan. “And it’s not just TGG that should rely on that. The whole casino gaming industry should be looking to Japan’s creativity as an opportunity,” says Chan, whose company has already made considerable inroads into the European, South American and more established Asian markets such as Macau, the Philippines, Cambodia and Korea. “This is the perfect opportunity for the industry as a whole to take advantage of Japanese innovation.”
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