TGG and Elite Gaming Operators Partner to Maximize Gaming Innovation in Mexico

Mexico – TGG Interactive, the world’s first open platform Interactive & Gaming Entertainment company has proudly announced its strategic partnership with Elite Gaming Operators in Mexico.

Under the strategic partnership agreement, TGG will further aggregate its landbased gaming products with Elite Gaming Operators while Foliatti Guadalupe Casino is the main interface of such partnership, and the first deployment has been a great success since this summer at the Foliatti Guadalupe Casino, which is located in Monterrey, the largest city of the northeastern state of Mexico.

According to Miguel Angel Ochoa, the president of the Mexican Gaming Association, the casino boom in Mexico will continue for years and will double its size before the end of 2018. “TGG sees the opportunity and we are excited to extend our business network to the Central America with such kind of strategic partnership,” said CEO of TGG. He continued, “Elite Gaming Operators is a highly respected company with a complete network of the casino operation and having a great flow of traffic. We are delighted to have such opportunity to bring in exciting gaming concepts to the market with Foliatti Guadalupe Casino in Mexico and the rest of Central America.”

The recent partnership of TGG and Elite Gaming Operators demonstrates the optimism of both parties towards the industry. It is also a great honor for TGG to cater the needs of the Mexicans through the support of the local strategic partnership with Foliatti.

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