TGG Takara Gaming Group Kick-off Participation in G2E Asia

Macau – TGG Takara Gaming Group will proudly participate for the first time in its homeland at the Global Gaming Expo Asia (G2E Asia), Asia’s largest gaming entertainment exhibition at Venetians Macao this month from 17th to 19th of May 2016.

TGG Takara Gaming Group is the first Interactive Entertainment company in Asia with a 3-in-1 “Landbased iGaming & Social-Media” cross-channel gaming platform; designed with a strategic focus on bringing together game producers and players into interactions to encourage innovation, unlocking the fun of gaming in the new generation wherever located, via whatever devices.

“The ability to create and leverage a strategic focus platform gives an advantage over competitors in every industry. Microsoft Windows in the 90s, Apple’s APPs and the iTunes store over the last decade, Uber and AirBnB in more recent years are examples of the fastest and most disruptive companies in their industry leveraging the network effect of a platform, at the same time bringing valuable creativity to the market and generating revenue growth,” said Ernie Suek, chairman of Neway Entertainment Group and co-founder of TGG, “TGG is working towards the same direction in the gaming industry, creating a competitive advantage by networking a vast 200+ gaming titles library on its 3-in-1 “Landbased iGaming & Social-Media” cross-channel platform, transforming the gaming products in a thriving ecosystem.”

TGG’s 3-in-1 “Landbased iGaming & Social-Media” cross-channel platform is a masterpiece built upon the GLI-11 and GLI-19 gaming standards which are recognized by 475 gaming jurisdictions, making it ready for both commercial and government gaming operations in most Landbase and iGaming jurisdictions globally.

“Our strategic focus is to create a foundation leading to the demand for innovation of products and operations in the gaming industry,” said CEO of TGG, “We had a great success presenting our platform and vision at the Colombia FADJA show last month in South America. Now, we’re very excited to participate for the 1st time in G2E Asia at our homeland!”

He will also be one of the speakers of the iGaming Tech Talk Forum, which is newly introduced on the show floor where iGaming companies present and share ideas. It reflects the growing importance of interactive, mobile and social gaming worldwide. He will share the theory behind creating the 3-in-1 cross-channel platforms and how it will lead to the demand for innovation and variety.

Visit TGG : Booth 926, Global Gaming Expo Asia (G2E Asia), The Venetian Macao


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