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Casino is a lucrative, highly profitable industry and the demand for innovative products is increasing. That’s why we created TGG, a global network of game developers with a strong portfolio of the hottest video gaming titles for the emerging mass market customer segment who are looking for the new fun of casino gaming. We are expanding the horizons of gaming entertainment by transforming the casino floor into a dreamland for the fun of winning


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Our Platform

Our open platform technology is the key to bring the new fun of casino entertainment for the VIPs and emerging middle-class markets worldwide.  We created a GLI-11 certified operating system which enables any video game’s IP to run on any government regulated casino gaming floors.  We are also providing all essential source codes to meet the global casino gaming standard with an open API for casinos to create customizable premium contents for their customers, making the best possible gaming experience for the players without additional investment in IT Infrastructure.



Our Network

TGG empowered gaming products are now operating in Europe, South America and Asia with gaming partners from Canada, Netherland, Serbia, Macau, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Philippines, Cambodia, Kenya, Mexico, Peru, and Colombia.  In November 2016, TGG was awarded GLI-11 certifications by Gaming Laboratories International and the HIRO Platform was quoted as the “Platform to Success” by Inside Asian Gaming in 2017.  The diverse coverage and industry recognition of TGG are giving the company a solid foundation for future revenue growth.

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 Ernie Suek, Co-Founder

Ernie Suek is TGG’s co-founder and he is responsible for TGG business development strategy, building partnerships and broaden business relationships, overseeing the company’s product development alongside co-founder Raymond Chan.  Ernie also serves as the chairman of Neway Group, a listed company in Hong Kong with business in Music Distribution, Movie Productions, Karaoke Operations, Celebrity Management, Printing and Social Media. His vision and leadership have brought the continued success of the Group in the Asia entertainment industry.

Ernie holds a bachelor’s degree in Information System from New York University, a master’s degree in marketing and an Executive MBA degree from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.


Raymond Chan, Co-Founder and CEO

Raymond Chan is the co-founder and CEO of TGG.  He is responsible for TGG’s operations and leading the company’s product development and business strategy.   Under the leadership of Mr. Chan and his management team, the company is now operating with business partners across 5 continents, including Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Macau, Philippines, Australia, Mexico, Peru, Serbia and Kenya.  Raymond began his career in Silicon Valley since the late 90’s for companies including E-Trade Financial and Business Wire. In 2005, he joined TiVo Technology as the Data Architect and the company was later acquired by Rivo Entertainment for US$1.1 billion.  Prior to founding TGG, Mr. Chan was the founding member and director in Asia for Global Gaming Group, a Las Vegas based gaming technology company from 2007 to 2014 where he was playing a leading role in global market development and product innovations for the company.

Mr. Chan earned his Engineering and Management Science degree at the University of Waterloo in Canada, followed by an advance study at the UC Berkeley Extension Business Management Program. He is now an ESBC and Technology committee at the Canada Chamber of Commerce and a member of CUBIC at the City University of Hong Kong.


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Albert Yu, Chief Operating Officer

Albert Yu is TGG’s Chief Operating Officer, leading the company’s product development and business strategy. He is also responsible for sales, operations, marketing and business development. Albert has over 10 years of experience in the global gaming industry and over 15 years of experience in sales, marketing, operations, and manufacturing.

In 2016, Albert was named as one of the recipients in the Asia Gaming Awards. Eight young industry executives were selected and Albert has received a special recognition from the panel of judges in his leadership and potential to shape the industry going forward.

Prior to joining TGG, Albert last served as Global Operations Manager for Aruze Gaming, which is a global top five technology company in designing, developing and manufacturing gaming devices for casino markets worldwide.


 Larry Xiao, Senior Compliance Officer

Larry Xiao is TGG’s Senior Compliance Officer, leading the TGG’s global team for legal, gaming regulations, and product compliance.  Larry joined TGG from Gaming Laboratories International (GLI), where he served as the GLI General Manager in Asia since 2007.  Larry offers over 15 years of experience in gaming compliance working with gaming regulators in jurisdictions worldwide.  During his time in Asia for GLI from 2004 to 2014, he was instrumental in the management of the most extensive regulations setup across the region and its ongoing development to a new regulation standard.

Larry earned a bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the University of Nevada Las Vegas. He is the Technical Advisor of Macau Gaming Equipment Manufacturers Association and now based in Macau for TGG operation.


Ron Goudsmit, Senior Advisor

Mr. Ron Goudsmit is the Honorary President of the European Casino Association and founder of an independent boutique firm Easyplaytime, where he has brought 40 years of gaming experience to TGG since 2016. Prior to joining TGG, Ron was the Chairman of European Casino Association from 2006 to 2015. Today the European Casino Association has over 25 members from almost all EU Member States as well as Switzerland, Serbia and San Marino, representing the interests of 900 casinos and 70,000 employees across Europe.

Ron was the leading force behind the international business development of Holland Casino as Vice President International since 1997, responsible for projects around the globe including Sweden, Canada, Switzerland, Denmark and Spain.  In 2008, Ron was appointed Secretary of the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board of Holland Casino. 

Mr. Goudsmit received the “Totally Gaming Awards” in 2012 for his outstanding services to the Land based Industry. In 2013, the “Golden Dice Award” was presented to Mr. Goudsmit by European Casinos (The Elite), a leading publishing media in recognition for his work as Chairman of the European Casino Association. Ron was born in the Netherlands and he earned his Bachelors Degree in Photography at Harrow Technical College in London, United Kingdom in the 1970s.



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